12 JanRazor Mouse Pad

If you’re a gamer who plays competitively, then you know that even the simplest elements, like your mouse pad, could be a deal breaker or a deal maker in your game play. With the razor mouse pad advisor, you can gain a greater understanding of the process of selecting a mouse pad and equip yourself with knowledge before you spend a serious amount of money on a new gaming mouse pad.

The glide of a mousing surface will be a primary factor that gamers focus on when they select a razor mouse pad. Glide is a term for the amount of friction that a mousing surface has when it is in contact with a gaming mouse. A Razor mouse pad with more glide allows the mouse to slide over it smoothly with less resistance and greater ease. Generally, hard mats offer greater glide over soft mats because of their uniformly rigid surfaces.

The grip of a mouse pad is proportional to the amount of friction of the mousing surface. In general, less glide equals more grip. Grip matters to gamers; it determines how far the mouse still slides when a gamer stops the mouse after moving it. Soft mouse pads have more grip, which delivers fine control to gamers who would rather have more control over the cursor onscreen than better glide when they swipe their gaming mouse across their Razor mouse pad.

When magnified, the surface of a mouse pad is either made out of bumps (plastic, glass, and metal surfaces) or weaves (cloth mats). How far apart they are from each other and how large the bumps and weaves are will determine the amount of tactile feedback a gamer gets from moving a mouse over the Razor mouse pad surface.

Some gamers prefer a somewhat coarse surface that provides tactile feedback when they move the mouse since it gives them a better indication of control over their movements. The Razor mouse pad known as the Goliathus Control, as well as the eXactMat Control, were designed for gamers who like grip on their mousing surface and tactile feedback while moving the mouse over the mat.

There are gamers who swear by cloth mats because of the extra comfort provided by the soft fabric material when they rest their wrists on a cloth mat. It’s common knowledge that gamers spend hours in extended gaming sessions. If you play MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, where raids can last for hours, your comfort is an important consideration.

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