12 JanRazor Gaming Mouse

When you’re at competitive levels, even the simplest things like your gaming mouse or mouse mat could be a deal breaker or deal maker. Game play that involves split-second twitches of the mouse when you’re trying to nail your target will call for every aspect of your equipment to be perfect. You can find the perfect gaming mouse and gaming mouse mat by using the razor gaming mouse and mouse mat advisors.

The gaming mouse advisor compares selecting the perfect mouse to choosing between a brutal shotgun and a devastating sniper rifle because it all boils down to the gamer’s individual preferences and playing style. This guide aims to help gamers make more sense out of the selection process and arm themselves with knowledge before shelling out serious cash for their gear.

For instance, the Razor gaming mouse known as the Salmosa is said to be the quickest entry-level gaming-grade mouse. It’s equipped with the world’s fastest tracking optical mouse sensor and designed with an ultra light and compact form factor. Ideal for fingertip grip gamers, it lets them seek their optimal speed and control.

Lachesis is an advanced Razor gaming mouse that can boast of its revolutionary 5600dpi precision 3.5G laser sensor, nine programmable Hyperesponse buttons, and customizable lighting. The laser sensor makes movement speeds 7 times that of 800dpi optical sensors possible.

Diamondback 3G is a high-precision 3G infrared Razor gaming mouse. Its 1800dpi infrared sensor can give you movement speeds 2.25 faster than a standard optical sensor, while its Hyperesponse technology decreases latency, for optimal game play.

Orochi is the Razor gaming mouse whose small form factor, among other things, can bring the standards for a mobile gaming mouse to new heights. Its laser sensor is gaming grade (4000dpi 3G), and it puts its Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity to use when you take advantage of its wired mode option.

Naga is the massively multiplayer online (MMO) Razor gaming mouse that can shift the balance between mouse and keyboard because it puts an unprecedented number of in-game commands in just one place. It has a special edition called Naga Molten and an upgrade called Naga Epic. The upgrade features customizable backlighting, three interchangeable ergonomic side panels, and dual-mode wired/wireless functionality.

Spectre is the name that was given to the tournament-ready Razor gaming mouse designed exclusively for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It is a lightweight five-button mouse for gamers who prefer precision and control for real-time strategy. Adjustable button force combined with the ultra-large and non-slip qualities of the buttons can maximize your actions per minute.

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