12 JanRazor Diamondback Mouse

Featuring a host of innovative features, the razor diamondback mouse fragged its way to the top of many gamers’ lists. Its ambidextrous form factor plus a high-precision engine and programmable buttons make it a crucial tactical advantage for any gamer.

The Razor Diamondback mouse was unveiled in San Francisco at the grand finals of the 2004 World Cyber Games. It was the world’s first 1600dpi optical gaming mouse and the first gaming mouse to sweep all the major gaming awards at the time, including Gamespot’s Gaming Hardware of the Year 2004. Many of the leading pros in gaming adopted the Razor Diamondback as their weapon of choice.

With its 1600dpi optical sensor, the Razor Diamondback mouse is 100 percent more efficient than a conventional mouse with high-performance optical sensors. On-the-Fly Sensitivity drivers let you switch dpi settings while you’re in the middle of a fierce battle, while the high frame rate ensures that you’ll never skip a pixel during the fast-paced action.

Tech specifications for the Razor Diamondback mouse peg its frames per second at 6400 or 5.8 megapixels per second, which means there is a high accuracy of tracking for this mouse because the more the frames or images that the sensor captures, the more information that can be reported to the computer. The 16-bit ultra-wide data channel gives you latency-free gaming on any battleground.

The Razor Diamondback’s response time of 1 ms and 1000 Hz Ultrapolling mean you’ll never have to wait for the mouse, no matter how quick you happen to be. Its acceleration rating is 15g, and you can move your Razor Diamondback mouse up to 40 inches per second. Keep in mind that 1g is equal to a rate of change of 9.8 meters per second, and you’ll agree that the speed of movement the mouse’s sensor can detect is remarkable.

The seven Hyperesponse buttons on the Razor Diamondback are independently programmable for instantaneous execution of your commands. The mouse’s Hyperesponse technology also reduces latency.

Elements of the Razor Diamondback’s ergonomic design include its ultra-large nonslip mouse buttons, GlowPipe nonslip side rails, and zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet. The size of the Razor Diamondback mouse is approximately 129 mm × 63 mm × 38.5mm (length × width × height). The translucent chassis options for the Razor Diamondback are Chameleon Green and Salamander Red. You can connect the Razor Copperhead to an available USB port of your computer, which should be running Windows 2000 / XP / X64 / Vista, by using its gold-plated USB connector.

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