12 JanRazor Copperhead Mouse

The tagline used for the razor copperhead mouse is “the shape of fear,” but its ergonomic, ambidextrous design is not the only thing that is distinctive about it. It is also equipped with precision, sensitivity, and speed to bring gaming to new heights.

In the Razor Copperhead mouse is 2000dpi laser sensor technology (the world’s most advanced laser sensor) to give you a user experience that is all about pinpoint precision. With 32 KB of onboard memory powered by the manufacturer’s trademarked Synapse, a Razor Copperhead mouse lets you store up to 5 separate gaming profiles.

You can move your Razor Copperhead mouse up to 45 inches per second. With an acceleration rating of 20g, the speed of movement that the mouse’s sensor can detect is quite impressive since 1g equals a rate of change of 9.8 meters per second.

The high acceleration rating ensures that the cursor will not move erratically during the game when you need to make quick swipes with the mouse, for focusing on new targets. If you are a low-sensitivity gamer, you probably make very quick and large swipes across a mousing surface to reorient yourself to new targets in the game.

A specification of 7080 frames per second indicates a high accuracy of tracking for this mouse. The more frames or images that the sensor captures, the more information it can report to the computer. High-sensitivity gamers or FPS gamers who prefer to use sniper rifles especially benefit from a mouse with high specifications of frames per second. Every additional frame taken per second could mean the difference between a head shot and a miss, particularly with high levels of screen resolution. The technical specifications for this mouse also include On-the-Fly Sensitivity adjustment, which makes the gaming experience extremely adaptable, according to the testimonial of a satisfied customer.

Response time for the Razor Copperhead mouse is 1ms, thanks to 1000Hz Ultrapolling. Compare that with the 8ms/125Hz response time found in a conventional gaming mouse, and you will see that such speed gives you a competitive edge over your opponents. You will also appreciate the Razor Copperhead’s 7 independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons.

Integral to the ergonomic design of the Razor Copperhead mouse are its GlowPipe nonslip side rails and ultra large nonslip buttons. It measures approximately 130 mm × 66 mm × 41 mm (length × width × height). It comes with a lightweight, non-tangle 7-foot cord, and its gold-plated USB connector links it to your available USB port. The Razor Copperhead is available in the following color schemes: Anarchy Red, Chaos Green, and Tempest Blue. You can connect the Razor Copperhead to an available USB port by using its gold-plated USB connector.

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